An L.P from Justin Percival & Guy Wampa

Here at SSC we get all kinds of requests. We had a first last month, November 2016

We were contacted by Anita Gohil of Bena Clothing  who was looking for someone to sandblast a design into sandstone for a photograph for an album cover. (showing my age there) it was probably a CD or maybe it will never get printed and will only exist online…..

Anyway. Anita is part of the Back to Front design studio in Brixton. 

Back to Front do all the promotional designs for   WW Records

We received the artwork and produced the piece of sandstone as requested.

We appreciate the attention to detail of Back to Front design. The image created could have been done in Photoshop, but would have lacked authenticity.

Back to Front thinks it looks good, we think it looks good, we hope Ammut think it looks good and we hope all you think it looks good.

The LP is out on 1st Jan 2017. If you want to find out more. Click the links