Campsie Corner Community Garden

SSC have recently completed a project for a community group in Lennoxtown Scotland.

Jackie Gillespie from East Dunbartonshire Council, EDC, approached SSC about a stone feature for LENNOXTOWN PROJECT GROUP’S Community Garden – “Campsie Corner” Chairwoman – Mrs Audrey E Langslow Secretary/Treasurer Mrs Anthea Hardy

SSC have supplied EDC with a number of stone signs for parks in the area. Most recently at Merkland Park Kirkintilloch and Balgrochan March in Lennoxtown.

Ideally they wanted a birdbath incorporated into the design, also a picture of a robin and some sort of adapted logo for the community group. These requests are all very usual and easily accommodated. The hard part being that the stone had to be installed by hand. No machines would be available. Considering that Granite has a density of about 2700kg per cubic meter, a suitable piece would be hard to find.

SSC Suggested a pieces of recycled granite kerb. It would give height and flat faces to engrave the text and images. It also had a flat top that SSC cut a birdbath into.

We can’t wait to see some pictures of some birds taking a bath.