I have been on holiday this week to Northern Italy. It was very nice and a pleasant experience, if a little hot in the middle of the day, much more so than what we get in Suffolk.

The Italians are famous for their stone work and whilst there I thought I would check out the main cemetery in Milan. For anyone who is interested in stone work, it’s absolutely incredible. The Italians spend a lot more money honouring their dead than we do in the UK.

Below is a picture of the grand family mausoleums they build.


I was particularly interested in Rustic Headstones. This is an area I have been looking into for some time and at the Sandblast Sign Company we have sold our first one this week.

The usual fare in the UK is the polished granite type. Below are a selection of images showing rustic headstones as they are in Italy. I think they offer a much more individual memorial incorporating the natural beauty of stone.