Sandblasted Wood and Timber Signage

View some of our completed customer works in timber

SSC’s sandblasted timber signs, interpretive artworks and panels are made to a very high standard and convey a quality image. Sandblasting techniques are used to blast away the timber leaving a 3D image that is hand painted by skilled artists using the best microporous paint & stain coatings making them very durable.

SSC offer a wide range of sandblasted timber products :- General timber signage for all types of commercial and private businesses. Traditional shop and pub signs, house signs and village threshold signs. Golf signs and tee markers, Countryside signs : way markers, trail markers, finger posts, directional signs and timber monoliths. Interpretive panels, relief designs and artwork panels. Commemorative plaques, inscriptions and decorative features. Products can be painted with bright or muted colours and stains depending on the effect required : to create a modern fresh sign or a rustic sign which complement their man-made or natural setting.

Competitively priced options are also available for when large numbers of signs are needed for big open spaces. SSC are able to compete on price with routing companies, but the level of detail that can be achieved is much better than routing.

The making of the Glenlivet Guardians Cask