Veterans’ Walk Mowbray Park Sunderland.

A project to lay commemorative granite stones in Mowbray Park in Sunderland to honor all personnel who have served their country. Each of the granite plaques will be engraved with the names of soldiers, sailors and airmen along with their regiment crest.

The project is the brainchild of Tom Cuthbertson who hopes that each year more plaques will be laid to remember past and present service men and women.


SSC were contacted for their expertise in all things sandblasted. The production issues with this project where mainly to do with the recreation of Military Crests as a sandblastable and recognisable form. Turning a multi coloured and sometimes 3D image into black and white vector form.

To be fair, any designer worth their salt would be able to do this. The hard part is to produce a stencil of the design that is capable of recreating the image. If lines are too thin the sandblasting process will burn them. If the middles of A’s and P’s are too small, the sandblaster will burn them or simply blow them away. The key is knowing what level of detail can be achieved and adapting the design accordingly.

Some of the designs where straightforward. Others less so. SSC took the process to the limits and beyond. Trialling designs and then amending to suit. SSC even had 2 custom blades manufactured for the stencil cutter to avoid ‘overcuting’ of the very small detail. The first batch consisted of 30+ different badges to be recreated. Some examples are shown below.

The finished 102 plaques where delivered in Late October 2016 to be laid in a path that snakes through Mowbray Park.

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