Or rather Yoko Ono and John Lennon, as John was merely the backing band for a concert held at the Lady Mitchell Hall at the University of Cambridge.

Here at the Sandblast sign Company, we were contacted by representatives of Gabriella Daris enquiring about on-site sandblast engraving a memorial plaque which was unveiled on 2nd March 2019. The plaque commemorates the first time John and Yoko graced the same stage. And starts a series of events celebrating the work of Yoko Ono.

We used our closed-circuit sandblasting machine, that ‘hoovers’ up the dust as it blasts, also known as a dustless system. We engraved the text and then filled with a white resin to give the text more prominence and also hold the stability of the engraved paving slab.

Here at SSC Ltd we love to get involved in these sorts of public art projects.

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