Sandblast Engraving in Concrete

SSC were contacted over the summer to produce a reproduction of the River Deben situated on its banks at the Sutton Hoo Saxon site.

Sutton Hoo is an historic Anglo Saxon Royal Burial Site. – So its a pretty big deal. They are in the process of a £4m development project to transform the visitor experience.

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Part of the project is the recreation of a 27 metre ship that was found on the site.

The ship sits on a special concrete plinth.

The idea was to engrave the outline of the river next to the ship.

When the top layer of concrete is sandblasted, the aggregate within is exposed, so a golden coloured aggregate was used within a pigmented strong mix concrete. The results are shown below.


Concrete Sandblast Engraving

First a successful sample was done


Sandblast Engraving in Concrete

First a grid was drawn on the concrete plinth so that the river outline could be transposed. The sandblast resist is roughly applied to be trimmed to nice curvy lines later. Then the river area is sandblasted to expose the internal aggregate


Sandblast Engraving in Concrete at Sutton Hoo

And here we have the finished river. Tom in the background there – cleaning up!!.